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Quick start to data collection

Select Quick Start in the last step of the InfluxDB user interface’s (UI) setup process to quickly start collecting data with InfluxDB. Quick Start creates a data scraper that collects metrics from the InfluxDB /metrics endpoint. The scraped data provides a robust dataset of internal InfluxDB metrics that you can query, visualize, and process.

Use Quick Start to collect InfluxDB metrics

After setting up InfluxDB v2.0, the “Let’s start collecting data!” page displays options for collecting data. Click Quick Start.

InfluxDB creates and configures a new scraper. The target URL points to the /metrics HTTP endpoint of your local InfluxDB instance (for example, http://localhost:9999/metrics), which outputs internal InfluxDB metrics in the Prometheus data format. The scraper stores the scraped metrics in the bucket created during the initial setup process.

Quick Start is only available in the last step of the setup process. If you missed the Quick Start option, you can manually create a scraper that scrapes data from the /metrics endpoint.

Next steps

Now with data to explore, you can:

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