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Create a token

Create authentication tokens using the InfluxDB user interface (UI) or the influx command line interface (CLI).

Create a token in the InfluxDB UI

  1. In the navigation menu on the left, select Data (Load Data) > Tokens.

  2. Click Generate and select a token type (Read/Write Token or All Access Token).

  3. In the window that appears, enter a description for your token in the Description field.

  4. If generating a read/write token:

    • Search for and select buckets to read from in the Read pane.
    • Search for and select buckets to write to in the Write pane.
  5. Click Save.

Create a token using the influx CLI

Use the influx auth create command to create a token. Include flags with the command to grant specific permissions to the token. See the available flags.

# Syntax
influx auth create -o <org-name> [permission-flags]

# Example
influx auth create -o my-org \
  --read-buckets 03a2bbf46309a000 03ace3a87c269000 \
  --read-dashboards \
  --read-tasks \
  --read-telegrafs \

Filtering options such as filtering by authorization ID, username, or user ID are available. See the influx auth list documentation for information about other available flags.

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