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InfluxDB table structure

InfluxDB 2.0 uses the following columnar table structure to store data:

  • Annotation rows: include the following rows: #group, #datatype, and #default.
  • Header row: describes the data labels for each column in a row.
  • Data columns: include the following columns: annotation, result, and table.
  • Data rows: all rows that contain time series data. For details about the type of data stored in InfluxDB, see InfluxDB data elements.
  • Group keys determine the contents of output tables in Flux by grouping records that share common values in specified columns. Learn more about grouping your data with Flux.

For specifications on the InfluxDB 2.0 table structure, see Tables.

Tip: To visualize your table structure in the InfluxDB user interface, click the Data Explorer icon in the sidebar, create a query, click Submit, and then select View Raw Data.