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Flux Telegram package

The Flux Telegram package provides functions for sending messages to Telegram using the Telegram Bot API. Import the contrib/sranka/telegram package:

import "contrib/sranka/telegram"

Set up a Telegram bot

The Telegram Bot API requires a bot token and a channel ID. To set up a Telegram bot and obtain the required bot token and channel ID:

  1. Create a new Telegram account or use an existing account.
  2. Create a Telegram bot.
    Telegram provides a bot token for the newly created bot.
  3. Use the Telegram application to create a new channel.
  4. Add the new bot to the channel as an Administrator. Ensure the bot has permissions necessary to post messages.
  5. Send a message to bot in the channel.
  6. Send a request to$token/getUpdates.


    Find your channel ID in the id field of the response.

Package author and maintainer

Github: @sranka
InfluxDB Slack: @sranka

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