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influxd inspect report-tsi

The influxd inspect report-tsi command analyzes Time Series Index (TSI) files in a storage directory and reports the cardinality of data stored in the files by organization and bucket.

Output details

influxd inspect report-tsi outputs the following:

  • All organizations and buckets in the index.
  • The series cardinality within each organization and bucket.
  • Time to read the index.

When the --measurements flag is included, series cardinality is grouped by:

  • organization
  • bucket
  • measurement


influxd inspect report-tsi [flags]


FlagDescriptionInput Type
--bucket-idProcess data for specified bucket ID. Requires org-id flag to be set.string
-h, --helpView help for report-tsi.
-m, --measurementsGroup cardinality by measurements.
-o, --org-idProcess data for specified organization ID.string
--pathSpecify path to index. Defaults to ~/.influxdbv2/engine/index.string
--series-fileSpecify path to series file. Defaults to ~/.influxdbv2/engine/_series.string
-t, -topLimit results to the top n.integer