influxd - InfluxDB daemon

The influxd daemon starts and runs all the processes necessary for InfluxDB to function.


influxd [flags]


Flag Description Input type
--bolt-path Path to boltdb database (default ~/.influxdbv2/influxd.bolt) string
--developer-mode Serve assets from the local filesystem in developer mode
--engine-path Path to persistent engine files (default ~/.influxdbv2/engine) string
-h, --help Help for influxd
--http-bind-address Bind address for the REST HTTP API (default :9999) string
--log-level Supported log levels are debug, info, and error (default info) string
--reporting-disabled Disable sending telemetry data to
--protos-path Path to protos on the filesystem (default ~/.influxdbv2/protos) string
--secret-store Data store for secrets (bolt or vault) (default bolt) string

Bug Reports and Feedback

Thank you for being willing to help test InfluxDB v2.0 alpha! Feedback and bug reports are welcome and encouraged both for InfluxDB and this documentation.

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