InfluxDB Docs

influx pkg validate

The influx pkg validate command validates the provided InfluxDB template.


influx pkg validate [flags]


FlagDescriptionInput TypeMaps to ?
-e, --encodingEncoding of the input streamstring
-f, --filePackage file to validatestring
-h, --helpHelp for the validate command
--jsonOutput data as JSON (default false)INFLUX_OUTPUT_JSON
-R, --recurseRecurse through files in the directory specified in -f, --file
-u, --urlURL of template file to validatestring

Global Flags

FlagDescriptionInput typeMaps to ?
--hostHTTP address of InfluxDB (default http://localhost:9999)stringINFLUX_HOST
--localRun commands against the local filesystem
--skip-verifySkip certificate verification (use when connecting over TLS with a self-signed certificate)
-t, --tokenAPI token to use in client callsstringINFLUX_TOKEN

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