InfluxDB Docs

influx pkg – package management commands

The influx pkg command manages packages in InfluxDB.


influx pkg [flags]
influx pkg [command]

Available commands

exportExport existing resources as a package
newCreate a reusable pkg to create resources in a declarative manner
summarySummarize the provided package
validateValidate the provided package


FlagDescriptionInput Type
-c, --colorEnable color in output _(default is true) _
-f, --filePath to package filestring
--forceIgnore warnings about destructive changes
-h, --helpHelp for the pkg command
-o, --orgThe name of the organization that owns the bucketstring
--org-idThe ID of the organization that owns the bucketstring
-q, --quietDisable output printing
--secretSecrets to provide alongside the package (format: --secret=SECRET_KEY::SECRET_VALUE)string
--table-bordersEnable table borders (default is true)

Global Flags

FlagDescriptionInput type
--hostHTTP address of InfluxDB (default http://localhost:9999)string
--localRun commands against the local filesystem
--skip-verifySkip certificate verification (use when connecting over TLS with a self-signed certificate)
-t, --tokenAPI token to use in client callsstring