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influx completion

The influx completion command outputs influx shell completion scripts for a specified shell (bash or zsh).


influx completion [bash|zsh] [flags]


-h, --helpHelp for the completion command

Global Flags

FlagDescriptionInput typeMaps to ?
--hostHTTP address of InfluxDB (default http://localhost:9999)stringINFLUX_HOST
--localRun commands against the local filesystem
--skip-verifySkip certificate verification (use when connecting over TLS with a self-signed certificate)
-t, --tokenAPI token to use in client callsstringINFLUX_TOKEN

Install completion scripts

Add the appropriate installation command below to your .bashrc or .zshrc.

# macOS
$ source $(brew --prefix)/etc/bash_completion
$ source <(influx completion bash)

# Ubuntu
$ source /etc/bash-completion
$ source <(influx completion bash)
# macOS
$ source <(influx completion zsh)

# Ubuntu
$ source <(influx completion zsh)

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