InfluxDB Docs

View organizations

Use the InfluxDB user interface (UI) or the influx command line interface (CLI) to view organizations.

View organizations in the InfluxDB UI

  • Click the Influx icon in the navigation bar.

  • Select Switch Organizations. The list of organizations appears.

View organizations using the influx CLI

Use the influx org find command to view organizations.

influx org find

Filtering options such as filtering by name or ID are available. See the influx org find documentation for information about other available flags.

View your organization ID

Use the InfluxDB UI or influx CLI to view your organization ID.

Organization ID in the UI

After logging in to the InfluxDB UI, your organization ID appears in the URL.


Organization ID in the CLI

Use influx org find to view your organization ID.

> influx org find

ID                  Name
03a2bbf46249a000    org-1
03ace3a859669000    org-2