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InfluxDB Cloud 2.0 pricing calculator

Use the InfluxDB Cloud 2.0 pricing calculator to estimate costs for the Pay As You Go plan by adjusting your number of devices, plugins, users, dashboards, writes, and retention. Default configurations include:

Plugins per device1445
Concurrent dashboards per user2222
Writes per minute6433
Average retention in days7303030

Guidelines used to estimate costs for default configurations:

  • Average metrics per plugin = 25
  • Average KB per value = 0.01
  • Number of cells per dashboard = 10
  • Average response KB per cell = 0.5
  • Average query duration = 75ms

To estimate costs

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Free plan. Hover over the Usage icon in the left navigation bar and select Billing.

      Then click the Pricing Calculator link at the bottom of the page.

    • Pay As You Go plan. Open the pricing calculator here.

  2. Choose your region.

  3. Select your configuration:

    • Hobby. For a single user monitoring a few machines or sensors.
    • Standard. For a single team requiring real-time visibility and monitoring a single set of use cases.
    • Professional. For teams monitoring multiple disparate systems or use cases.
    • Enterprise. For teams monitoring multiple domains and use cases accessing a variety of dashboards.
  4. Adjust the default configuration values to match your number of devices, plugins, metrics, and so on. The Projected Usage costs are automatically updated as you adjust your configuration.

  5. Click Get started with InfluxDB Cloud to get started.