InfluxDB Docs

Upgrade to a Usage-based Plan

To upgrade to a Usage-based Plan:

  1. Hover over the Usage icon in the left navigation bar and select Billing.

  2. Click Upgrade to Usage-based Plan.

  3. Review the terms and pricing associated with the Usage-based Plan.

  4. Click Sounds Good To Me.

  5. Enter your contact information. Traditionally this would be “shipping” information, but InfluxData does not ship anything. This information should be the primary location where the service is consumed. All service updates, security notifications and other important information are sent using the information you provide. The address is used to determine any applicable sales tax. security notifications, etc.

  6. Enter your payment information and click Add Card.

  7. Review the plan details, contact information, and credit card information.

  8. Click Confirm & Order.